When Wine Tastes Best 2017: A Biodynamic Calendar for Wine Drinkers

$ 7.95 USD

When you buy a bottle of wine to enjoy at home, wouldn’t you like to know when it’s going to be at its best?


Based on the unmatched Maria Thun Biodynamic Calendar, this handy little pocket guide tells you which days are optimum wine-drinking days, and which days to avoid if you want to get the most out of your glass. At least two major supermarket chains only do their wine tastings on the best days as indicated by this calendar!


Includes a bonus month, December 2016, to cover the holiday season.



“A number of heavyweights in the wine industry agree with her—supermarkets Tesco and Marks & Spencer only hold tastings on the days which her calendar says are favorable.” —Jamie Irving, Greatgrapes Blogspot


“Anyone saving those extra-special bottles for Christmas and the New Year might want to consult a new biodynamic tasting calendar—and hold off on the corkscrew.”

—Richard Woodward, Decanter.com

“Whatever you think about biodynamic viticulture, it might be a fun experiment.” —Julia Harding, Jancisrobinson.com


“David Motion, owner of The Winery in London’s Maida Vale is now a convert and stocks a range of biodynamic vintages. A root day wont make a good wine taste bad, but on a fruit day the wine is almost leaping out the bottle and singing ta-dah!” —Jessica Fellows, Telegraph.co.uk


“This pocket-sized guide to the best days for drinking wine will be of great interest to those who enjoy the subtleties of a glass of wine... No avid wine drinker would want to be without this guide and with Christmas not so far away, and at such a modest price, When Wine Tastes Best would make an excellent stocking filler for any friends and relatives who you know enjoy a glass of wine.” —Rosemary Usselman, New View


“A gift for the wine lover in your life... It’ll be a talking point for your next Christmas party!” —Lovefood.com